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Our Experienced Chefs

Updated: May 29

The League of Extraordinary Chefs is a renowned culinary talent management agency that consists of some of the most skilled and experienced chefs.

These chefs are not only masters of their craft, they are also passionate about cooking and growing their skillsets. Each member of the League brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the kitchen, making them a force to be reckoned with in the culinary world.

What makes our chefs stand out from the crowd:

  • Professionalism

  • Experience

  • Dedication

  • Highly-skilled

  • Knowledgeable

  • Masters of their craft

Permanent chef hire vs. task force staffing hire

Our chefs have experience in a wide-range of culinary settings - they work in fine dining restaurants, luxury resorts, high volume conventions, concerts and sporting events. Their resumes and experience grow with every assignment.

One of the many requirements each of our chefs has is to learn at least one new skill or technique while on assignment, adding to their wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition to that, each member of the League is required to obtain extensive certifications and training while on-boarding and they continue to dedicate their time to developing their core base of skills when not working assignments. They are dependable, know what it takes to be successful, and strive for greatness while maintaining flexibility. They are with you from start to finish of every assignment. Their motto is "Failure is not an option" and they live and breathe it every day.

Our chefs have spent years perfecting their craft, and their commitment to the culinary industry is what sets them apart.

If you want a rock star, call us. If you want a temp, call someone else.

Set yourself up for success.

Schedule an introductory conversation with our team today!

About the League of Extraordinary Chefs

The League of Extraordinary Chefs was established in May 2021 when a team of chefs converged upon the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby. Arising out of extreme staffing shortages in the culinary industry, the League was born and has grown to a full roster of highly-vetted and qualified culinary professionals. We offer talent management and placement of extraordinary chefs & FOH hospitality professionals for hotels & resorts, sporting & entertainment events, conventions, top tier restaurants, and vacation ranches. From short-term (3-7+ days) to long-term (6+ months) to permanent placements, let us source the right culinary talent for your needs. #STAFFEXTRAORDINARY

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