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Executive Chefs

Our executive chefs are experienced leaders who can oversee your entire kitchen operation. They have a proven track record of managing staff, creating menus, and executing high-quality dishes that meet your establishment's standards. They can also manage inventory and ordering, making them an excellent choice for any organization in need of a leader in the kitchen.

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Kitchen Managers

Our kitchen managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of kitchen operations, from ordering supplies to managing staff schedules. They have excellent leadership skills and are able to keep the kitchen running smoothly.

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Sous Chefs

Our sous chefs work alongside executive chefs and are responsible for assisting with menu planning, food preparation, and supervising kitchen staff. They have a deep understanding of culinary techniques and can lead a team in the head chef's absence. They're perfect for fast-paced environments, ensuring your kitchen runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Production Chefs

Our production chefs specialize in preparing large quantities of food for catering events, banquets, or food service operations. They are experts in creating meals that are visually appealing, flavorful, and consistent, all while managing time and resources effectively. They can work under tight deadlines and create dishes that are both delicious and practical.


FOH Banquet Managers

Our FOH professionals are responsible for ensuring your establishment runs smoothly from the front of the house. They are the face of your business, interacting with customers, and ensuring they have a positive experience. They're trained in customer service, managing BEOs, and handling complaints.


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