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Staffing Shortages Across the Culinary Industry

The culinary industry is one of the most demanding and dynamic industries and it's constantly evolving.

One of the biggest challenges facing the culinary industry today is staffing shortages. There is a shortage of skilled chefs, line cooks and front of house professionals making it difficult for kitchens to operate at full capacity.

Causes of staffing shortages:

  • High turnover rate (73% in the restaurant industry|31% in management positions)

  • Low pay

  • Long hours

  • High-pressure work environments

  • Lack of interest in the culinary field among younger generations

  • Pandemic forced workers to find other jobs or pushed them out of the industry

Impact of Staffing Shortages:

  • Kitchens cannot operate at full capacity

  • Long wait times for food/service

  • Reduced quality of food/service

  • Decreased revenue

  • Reduced hours of operation

  • Limited menu options

  • Increased food waste, leads to increased operating costs

  • Negative reviews and unhappy guests

In addition to the impact that the shortage can have on kitchens and restaurants, it can lead to increased stress and burnout among existing staff members. With fewer workers to handle the workload, employees may be required to work longer hours or take on additional responsibilities. This can lead to higher levels of stress, lower job satisfaction, and increased turnover.

Finally, staffing shortages can have a negative impact on the overall reputation of the restaurant, resort, or hospitality business. If customers consistently experience long wait times and/or poor service, they may be less likely to return. This can result in lost revenue, decreased membership renewals, and a damaged reputation.

The League of Extraordinary Chefs offers solutions to staffing shortages in the culinary industry. We provide top-rated, highly qualified, experienced and educated executive chefs, sous chefs, production chefs, kitchen managers, and FOH banquet managers. Our team is ready to deploy with limited notice for short-term assignments (3-7 days) to 6-months+/permanent placements.

Contact us today to discuss your task force staffing needs.

About the League of Extraordinary Chefs

The League of Extraordinary Chefs was established in May 2021 when a team of chefs converged upon the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby. Arising out of extreme staffing shortages in the culinary industry, the League was born and has grown to a full roster of highly-vetted and qualified culinary professionals. We offer talent management and placement of extraordinary chefs & FOH hospitality professionals for hotels & resorts, sporting & entertainment events, conventions, top tier restaurants, and vacation ranches. From short-term (3-7+ days) to long-term (6+ months) to permanent placements, let us source the right culinary talent for your needs. #STAFFEXTRAORDINARY


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