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90 Day [Fiancé] Chef

Finding the Perfect Culinary Match: Is the League of Extraordinary Chefs Your "90 Day Fiancé"?

When it comes to finding the perfect culinary talent match, it can be akin to dating. You're seeking someone who not only complements your establishment's vision but also elevates it to new heights. The League of Extraordinary Chefs understands this dynamic intimately, offering a refreshingly innovative approach that sets us apart from traditional temporary staffing solutions.

You Had Me at Hello - the Quest for Culinary Chemistry

Just like in the world of dating, culinary matchmaking is about chemistry – that magical connection where skills, passion, and personality align seamlessly. We strive for a match that fits like a glove, leaving our clients saying: "You complete me".

No Commitment Jitters

  • "I'm not scared of commitment; I'm scared of waking up one day and realizing it was all a mistake." - Sweet Home Alabama

  • "I'm not scared of commitment; I'm scared of committing to someone who's not right for me." - The Wedding Planner

  • "It's not about being afraid of commitment. It's about being afraid of the wrong commitment." - The Ugly Truth

  • "I'm not afraid of commitment. I'm afraid of committing to something that won't make me happy." - Someone Like You

We get it... there's a million ways to say you're worried about committing to a chef that's not the right fit. Whether it's a permanent hire or a temp, it can be scary to take the plunge.

Unlike 90 Day Fiancé's central premise, where couples move in together with the intent of eventually tying the knot, the League offers a distinct advantage: the ability to "date" our culinary talent without "marrying" them. In other words, you get access to top-tier culinary talent on-demand, without the long-term commitment. It's like having a series of perfectly matched dates with a variety of culinary professionals who cater to your needs, without the pressure of a lifelong contract.

Tailored for Your Needs

Dating and matchmaking services tailor their recommendations to your preferences. Similarly, the League takes the time to understand your kitchen's unique identity, atmosphere, and culinary requirements. With an expansive roster of skilled chefs and FOH pros, the League ensures that each talent "date" is carefully chosen to align seamlessly with your brand, budget, and the roles at hand. Our team is a stopgap prepared to increase efficiency and support your business in moving towards a much more successful future.

Breaking Up Is Easy

In both the dating world and the culinary industry, a poor match can lead to friction and disappointment. However, in our case, parting ways when the need for culinary talent no longer exists is easy and painless. We know our assignments with you are temporary and we don't take offense when you say it's time to go home. We'll foster the relationship, however, and continue to be your "as needed", "ready in an instant" partner.

Just like love and relationships, the culinary world thrives on connections that resonate on a deeper level. The League of Extraordinary Chefs takes the essence of matchmaking and translates it into the world of culinary talent management, allowing you access to the task force professionals you need, when you need them. With a commitment to flexibility, tailored matches, and easy transitions, the League offers an innovative approach that's a breath of fresh air in an industry that craves excellence without the commitment.

About the League of Extraordinary Chefs

The League of Extraordinary Chefs was established in May 2021 when a team of chefs converged upon the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby. Arising out of extreme staffing shortages in the culinary industry, the League was born and has grown to a full roster of highly-vetted and qualified culinary professionals. We offer talent management and placement of extraordinary chefs & FOH hospitality professionals for hotels & resorts, sporting & entertainment events, conventions, top tier restaurants, and vacation ranches. From short-term (3-7+ days) to long-term (6+ months) to permanent placements, let us source the right culinary talent for your needs. #STAFFEXTRAORDINARY


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